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Harold James

Rule Germania

A persistent theme – indeed the leitmotif – of the way that German leaders discuss the eurozone is their insistence on the importance of following the rules. That refrain is followed by a chorus from the rest of the monetary union demanding to know … Read More

Mohamed El-Erian

In Defense Of Varoufakis

From blaming him for the renewed collapse of the Greek economy to accusing him of illegally plotting Greece’s exit from the eurozone, it has become fashionable to disparage Yanis Varoufakis, the country’s former finance minister. While I have never … Read More

Philippe Legrain

The Eurozone’s German Problem

The eurozone has a German problem. Germany’s beggar-thy-neighbor policies and the broader crisis response that the country has led have proved disastrous. Seven years after the start of the crisis, the eurozone economy is faring worse than Europe did … Read More

Joschka Fischer

The Return Of The Ugly German

During the long night of negotiations over Greece on July 12-13, something fundamental to the European Union cracked. Since then, Europeans have been living in a different kind of EU. What changed that night was the Germany that Europeans have known … Read More


Ronald Janssen

Questions For The Left From The Greek Debacle

There is no point in denying reality. By crushing a rebellious Greek government and disciplining its voters, the ‘Masters of Austerity’ have won a great victory. Implications extend far beyond Greece itself. What is now being inflicted upon Greece … Read More

Yiannis Kitromilides

What Do The Greek People Really Want?

In 2015 the Greek people voted against austerity twice, in a general election and in a referendum. Opinion polls also consistently suggested that an overwhelming majority of Greek people wanted their country to remain in the eurozone and the EU. Are … Read More

News & Events

david held

Global Governance… Into The Future

Global governance is failing when we need it most. The paradox of our times is that, as global problems become more complex and threatening, our global institutions lose their force as organizing frameworks for inter-state cooperation. Starting from … Read More

Joseph Stiglitz

Inequality And Climate Change

Joseph Stiglitz discusses the intersection between inequality and climate change with Lord Nicholas Stern of the London School of Economics and  Political Science. The event was organised and recorded by the Graduate Center of New York … Read More

Paul Krugman

Inequality – What Can Be Done?

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if two Nobel Prize winning economists discussed inequality and what can be done about it? No need to wonder anymore as you can watch Paul Krugman and Robert Solow discuss the new book "Inequality - What … Read More

Paul Krugman

Inequality And Crisis

The Hans Böckler Stiftung has recently hosted Paul Krugman as a keynote speaker at its annual 'European Dialogue'. In his remarks, Krugman analysed the issue of inequality against the backdrop of the ongoing European crisis. Must watch to understand … Read More

David Graeber

A Fair Future Economy

David Graeber came to the RSA to address our current age of ‘total bureaucratization’, in which public and private power has gradually fused into a single entity, rife with rules and regulations, whose ultimate purpose is the extraction of wealth in … Read More