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Nicholas Leron

Europe On The Edge Of A Democratic Cliff

Since the beginning of 2015, two opposed events (by virtue of their underlying rationales and their protagonists) have dominated the news in Europe: the ECB’s plan to buy massive amounts of sovereign debt and the electoral victory of Syriza in … Read More

Carl Rowlands

The Culture Of Contentment

Arguably there has to be a 'tipping point' - a point beyond which social and economic crises bring forth political and social movements. The situation for many young people in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece is bleak and, this is now being … Read More

Yanis Varoufakis

Austerity Is The Only Deal-Breaker

A common fallacy pervades coverage by the world’s media of the negotiations between the Greek government and its creditors. The fallacy, exemplified in a recent commentary by Philip Stephens of the Financial Times, is that, “Athens is unable or … Read More

David Held

Ten Questions For The British Labour Party

The UK general election was tumultuous and the results, particularly for Labour and the Liberal Democrats, disastrous. Of course, the position of Labour is better than that of the Liberal Democrats, but the combined fate of their decline is … Read More

Robert Skidelsky

No Pain, No Gain For Britain?

The economic historian Niall Ferguson reminds me of the late Oxford historian A.J.P. Taylor. Though Taylor maintained that he tried to tell the truth in his historical writing, he was quite ready to spin the facts for a good cause. Ferguson, too, is … Read More

Carlos Joly

We Need A Tobin Tax To Help Refugees

The tragedy of deaths at sea by refugees from the Middle East wars needs to be addressed resolutely. Europe cannot confront the problem with hesitant policies. Nor is it solely a European problem. The United States is necessarily involved, given its … Read More


Robert Skidelsky

Niall Ferguson’s Wishful Thinking

Niall Ferguson begins his rejoinder to my rejoinder to his interpretation of the results of the United Kingdom’s recent general election by citing an apocryphal Keynes quote: “If the facts change, I change my opinion. What do you do, sir?” But should … Read More

Simon Wren-Lewis

On Niall Ferguson Blaming Keynes

A few people have asked me to respond to this FT piece from Niall Ferguson. I was reluctant to, because it is really just a bit of triumphalist Tory tosh. That such things get published in the Financial Times is unfortunate but I’m afraid not … Read More

Carlo Bordoni

Crisis: A Bloody Sacrifice

Crisis inevitably has a negative outcome on society as a whole: not only does it help to increase social inequality, but it is a major cause of devastating personal tragedies. Economic collapse, job loss, the inevitable family problems, the stress … Read More

Henning Meyer

What Went Wrong For Labour In The UK Election?

I have hardly slept since yesterday evening and have been glued to the TV and laptop screens to watch the events of the most unpredictable UK general election in generations unfold. There has been hectic soul-searching after the resignation of Labour … Read More

News & Events

Paul Krugman

Inequality And Crisis

The Hans Böckler Stiftung has recently hosted Paul Krugman as a keynote speaker at its annual 'European Dialogue'. In his remarks, Krugman analysed the issue of inequality against the backdrop of the ongoing European crisis. Must watch to understand … Read More

David Graeber

A Fair Future Economy

David Graeber came to the RSA to address our current age of ‘total bureaucratization’, in which public and private power has gradually fused into a single entity, rife with rules and regulations, whose ultimate purpose is the extraction of wealth in … Read More


Brexit? Britain In Europe After The General Election

In this episode of Social Europe Talk, recorded in the European Parliament in Brussels, our expert panel disucsses the position of Britain in Europe after the 2015 general election and debates whether we are now heading towards Brexit. Social Europe … Read More

Joseph Stiglitz

The Great Divide

In the video below, recorded at the Politics and Prose book shop in Washington DC, Joseph Stiglitz presents the key arguments of his new book The Great Divide - Unequal Societies and what can be done about them. The publisher describes the new … Read More