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Maria Helena dos Santos André

Thank You Greece!

In a time when in Paris Marine Le Pen is “Ante Portas”, when xenophobic populists are marching through the streets of Dresden, when in London the UKIP sets the tone for an ever more anti-European hysteria, and when in Helsinki the Finnish government … Read More

Joseph Stiglitz

The Politics Of Economic Stupidity

In 2014, the world economy remained stuck in the same rut that it has been in since emerging from the 2008 global financial crisis. Despite seemingly strong government action in Europe and the United States, both economies suffered deep and prolonged … Read More

Colin Crouch

Can Insecure Workers Be Confident Consumers?

A paradox that lies at the heart of capitalism is that economies need consumers to be confident spenders of money on the one hand, while on the other workers’ must accept insecurity and flexibility in their main supply of money: employment income. … Read More

Marianne Thyssen (photo © European Union)

Policy Priorities For A Social Europe

In 2012, the Four Presidents Report mentioned a European unemployment insurance as a possible mechanism to achieve greater fiscal stability at the EU-level. What do you think about that?  In his political guidelines, President Juncker stated that he … Read More


Nuria Molina

The Cost Of Inequality In Women’s Work

It’s that Davos time of the year, when a bunch of powerful men gather in a luxurious Swiss ski resort to re-assure the 99% that the global economy is in good hands. But is it? According to IMF head Christine Lagarde “The answer is most likely … Read More

Simon Wren-Lewis

Let’s Hope For A Syriza Victory!

If you think this sentiment is dangerous, because you have read that if this left wing party formed a government after the forthcoming Greek elections the Eurozone would be plunged into crisis, I suspect you should reconsider where you get your … Read More

News & Events

Thomas Piketty

How To Make The Eurozone Sustainable

In this interview with Italian newspaper La Repubblica, French economist Thomas Piketty explains why the Fiscal Compact was a mistake, what the ECB can do with a Quantitative Easing (QE) programme, and how the Eurozone needs to be reformed in order … Read More

Martin Seeleib-Kaiser

Debating EU Migration

Professor Martin Seeleib-Kaiser (Oxford University) and Lisa Nandy MP discuss the issue of EU migration and what the real problems are. The event was organised by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung London Office and Compass. It was also the launch of the … Read More