New book by Dean Baker

The indefatigable Dean Baker, one of America’s most stimulating economic commentators, has a new e-book out, entitled The end of loser liberalism: making markets progressive. It can be downloaded for free as a pdf here.

It is written primarily for an American audience: the ‘liberalism’ of the title refers to what Europeans would call ‘the centre-Left’ or ‘social-democracy’. But the main thesis is crucial for the debate also on this side of the Atlantic. The ‘market’ has been co-opted as an ideological weapon by the Right, while they manipulate it to serve the interests of their (wealthy) constituency. Properly understood, and properly used, the market can be a progressive force if the Left understands it and designs policies accordingly.

On past form (yes, I haven’t read the book yet), expect a well-written, thought-provoking mix of economic and political analysis.

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