Mapping European Economics Blogs

economics blogsEconomics Blogs are an important feature of the US policy debate and the European scene is slowly developing. You might have followed the recent discussion about European economics blogs in particular. The result has basically been: yes, there are a few European economics blogs but they are not very good at linking to each other, i.e. generating a proper discussion. And there is still a lot of room for development, espcially integrating more with the much more mature US economics blogosphere, which is also extensively discussing European economics.

Mapping European Economics Blogs

Following from this discussion, the next logical question is ‘what economics blogs are out there now?’ (also thanks to John Schmitt and Dean Baker for suggesting this) By asking our 11k Twitter followers, we tried to start ‘mapping’ European economics blogs. In no particular order here are the top blogs that got most frequently mentioned and that at least partially publish in English (this was obviously not a scientific exercise, so the results are indicative):

Not the Treasury View

Kantoos Economics

The A-List@Financial Times

Social Europe Journal (in our case especially Andrew Watt and George Irvin but also a few other authors)


Larry Elliott@Guardian

Blog Centre for European Reform

Bruegel Blog

Economics Intelligence

The Irish Economy

Progressive Economy@TASC

Karl Whelan

Yanis Varoufakis



National Economics Blogs

The distinction between national and European blogs is very tricky (if possible at all) and the language barrier is a particular problem too. Here a few non-English blogs that were sent back to us:


Thomas Fricke@ Financial Times Deutschland

Nada es Gratis

Econ Stuff


Both lists are obvioulsy incomplete so help us by putting good economics blogs we haven’t mentioned yet in the comment section. Hopefully, this will help us to get a broad map of European economics blogs together.


  1. Henning Meyer says

    Great, thanks! Keep the suggestions coming but bear in mind that they should have a "European" focus…

    • Henning Meyer says

      This is very helpful and seems like a very good overview over the German scene.

    • Henning Meyer says

      Thanks for this, so we have George Irvin twice. On SEJ and as Political Economy 101 😉

  2. Andreas Heil says

    On the national level "Querschuesse" (, which means something like spanner in the wheel, shouldn't be missed. Although I often disagree with conclusions made by the contributors, provided data on a european level alone is reason enough to visit it on a weekly base at least. But also represented opinion are often worth to think about.

    warm regards


    • Henning Meyer says

      Hi Ralf, you are of course right and there is probably some real merit in mapping other topical areas as well (we have done a vote on left-of-centre blogs…). But this one is just for blogs have either extensively cover or have a celar economics focus. Indeed, there is more to life than economics 😉

    • says

      @Ralf: I think it is a valid undertaking to try to map blogs with similar interests. I'd say that it is more likely that European discussions will emerge from debates between similarly focussed blogs than between blogs of general or diverging interest.

  3. says

    @everybody thanks for the useful list. Time to update my RSS feed. The CEPII has also just launched its own blog as well but they don't have a RSS feed… Here are a couple others that I have noticed:

    – Alain Lipietz (blog does not work but rss feed for blog does)

    – "Fazit"…. is the economics and finance blog of the German national newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
    – Ressources pour economistes

    PS: as you can see I now read comment threads :-)

    • Henning Meyer says

      Well done Jeremie! I hope my technical suggestions helped a bit. It's important to have good RSS feeds (the blogging platform normally produces these automatically). Keep the suggestions coming. I'll put them all in a consolidated list next week that then hopefully provides all of us with a good overview…

      • says

        I am a bit disappointed by Google Alerts. It picks up some irrelevant stuff and does not pick up the obvious… So, I still haven't found the solution to my problem.


  4. says

    There are some more sites which are similar to VoxEU throughout Eurpoe: – in German – in Dutch – in Italian

    In Germany, I can recommend to you – a left-wing blog – a libertarian blog

    and in our "Fazit" Blog, we occasionally publish posts in English: – RSS feed: