Europe’s Top Economics Blogs

Our exercise of mapping European economics blogs has been very successful and we had very useful help from @MarkThoma, @PatrickBernau and a whole range of other people via Twitter and the post comments. Thank you all for this! After this exercise, here is our consolidated list of Europe’s top economics blogs that should provide a good overview of what is out there (although I am sure the list is still incomplete and where a ‘blog’ slots in is a personal judgement more than anything else). These are in NO PARTICULAR order:

European Economics Blogs

(focussing on economic issues mainly from an international perspective)

Kantoos Economics

The A-List@Financial Times

Economists Forum@Financial Times

Andrew Watt@Social Europe Journal

George Irvin@Social Europe Journal


Centre for European Reform Blog

Bruegel Blog

Economics Intelligence

Karl Whelan

Yanis Varoufakis


A Fistful of Euros

Alpha Sources


Financial Guy

Stumbling and Mumbling

Important National Economics Blogs

(focussing mainly on national economic issues and sometimes on European issues)

The Irish Economy (Ireland)

Progressive Economy@TASC (Ireland)

Not the Treasury View (UK)

Larry Elliott@Guardian (UK)

Herdentrieb@Zeit (German)

Thomas Fricke@Financial Times Deutschland (German)

Wirtschaftswunder@Financial Times Deutschland (German)

Nada es Gratis (Spanish)

Econ Stuff (Spanish)

Telos (French)

Krisenblog (German)

Mainly Macro (UK)

Stephanie Flanders@BBC (UK)

Paul Mason@BBC (UK)

Blick Log (German – Dirk Elsner of Blick Log also provided us with a very detailed overview over the German scene here)

Journal du Marché Intérieur (French)

Querschuesse (German)

Alternatives Economique (French)

BCNAccions (Spanish)

CEPII BLog (French)

Alain Lipietz (French)

Fazit@FAZ (German)

Bruno Colmant@L’Echo (Belgian)

Greek Default Watch (Greece)

Ressources pour Economists (French)

Oekonomenstimme (German)

Mejudice (Dutch)

Lavoce (Italian)

Nachdenkseiten (German)


P.S. Keep suggesting important blogs we have missed so the list can be updated.


  1. Henning Meyer says

    At least some of the blogs on the list I didn't know. Will have to update my RSS reader after this!