Labour Lawyers Urge EU Leaders To Respect Fundamental Social Rights

henningThis is a timely and urgent initiative! More than 380 social and labour lawyers have signed a manifesto urging the EU to respect and promote fundamental social rights in the crisis-related measures it calls for.

Members of the Transnational Trade Union Rights Experts Network (TTUR) drafted a manifesto with the intention of raising awareness about recent developments and call upon the European Union to respect and promote fundamental social rights particularly as regards crisis-related measures. They have organised this platform for other European labour and social academic experts to join and voice their deep concerns and disagreement. So feel invited and add your name to the list!

The Transnational Trade Union Rights Experts Network (TTUR), which is coordinated by Isabelle Schömann (ETUI), consists of the following eight leading European labour law experts:

Niklas Bruun (Stockholm and Helsinki Universities),

Klaus Lörcher (former legal secretary at the European Union Civil Service Tribunal),

Simon Deakin (Cambridge University),

Filip Dorssemont (Université Catholique de Louvain),

Antoine Jacobs (Tilburg University),

Csilla Kollonay-Lehoczky (Eötvös Loránd University and Central European University, Budapest),

Mélanie Schmitt (University of Strasbourg),

Bruno Veneziani (University of Bari)

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