Peer Steinbrück on the Eurozone Crisis and the Future of Europe

Watch the SPD candidate for the German Chancellery, Peer Steinbrück, discuss the current problems of the Eurozone and outline his core ideas for the future fo Europe. This talk was recorded at an event organised by Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung at the German Embassy in London on 5th February 2013.


This is a recording of the live interpreting of the speech, not a voice-over. The interpreter may not be held accountable for the absolute accuracy of the interpreting.


  1. John Palmer says

    If Peer Steinbruck’s comments a much delayed timetable for agreeing a new European Union Treaty (ie beyond 2017) becomes the general position of other EU governments (which is likely to be the case) then David Cameron’s entire strategy for blackmailing the rest of the Union into giving the UK radically re-written terms of EU membership is sunk without trace. For without being able to threaten a Treaty veto unless his demands are met, he has no negotiating leg to stand on.