A Global Plan To End Poverty

Watch political philosopher Thomas Pogge set out his plan to end global poverty at the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) in London.

Philosopher Thomas Pogge: A Global Plan to End Poverty from The RSA on FORA.tv


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    7 billion people today, we can not all survive if we go on to multiply. 1/3 die related to poverty today! I hope the new Pope is listening, and all you who parent more than one child per person. Billions who have died because of poverty. Yes we need to redistribute wealth. 25% use 90% of the world’s wealth! Listen to Tom Pogge! Lobbyists and politicians are robbing the world by capturing the wealth for the few! With no democracy regulating and no accountability for large corporations that Lobby through governing countries. The country that is the easiest to bag because we have so many lobbyists and 2.6 fold increase of wealth for the wealthiest and they keep taking it from those of us on the lower 75%. The top 5% use almost half of the wealth and it is going up! Listen to him, my friends!