Launching The Progressive Alliance

The new Progressive Alliance was launched in Leipzig last week and as I know that there is a lot of interest in the new organisation and rather little information out there I thought documenting as much as possible here is a good idea. First, what is the new organisation all about? This is its mission statement:

The progressive, democratic, social-democratic, socialist and labour movement is based on a common commitment to human rights and the joint pursuit of freedom, justice, social equality, including gender equality, sustainability and international solidarity.

The present day and age is marked by rapid change and historical, economical and political upheaval. Many countries around us are battling with huge economic problems, while in other parts of the world people are enjoying better prospects for the future than ever before. With globalization, the social matter has come to the fore again in a new guise, as inequality in our societies and between the rich and the poor states of the world has increased. This new social issue must be addressed in order to make participation possible, prevent distribution conflicts and ensure the ecological balance of our environment.

Today in the globalized 21st century humanity can only solve our age’s existential challenges together. To create just jobs and ensure equal pay for women and men, to fight unemployment, curb climate change, restrain rampant financial markets with sensible regulations, counter in creased inequality in societies, secure peace and human rights as global public goods, stop the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and put an end to hunger and poverty once and for all. Challenges like these can only be tackled by working together and not against each other. At the same time these are challenges for a new order of the world, which the progressive forces worldwide have to fight for.

We want to contribute to the establishment of a cooperative world order which makes shared solutions of problems and construction of the future possible. Together with social and workers movements and groups of civil society, we want to shape the future with the aim of advancing global peace, justice, equality – including gender equality – and sustainability.

We have seen how the politics of injustice and inequality have divided our societies and have undermined social cohesion and solidarity. Neoliberalism has failed miserably.

The time is ripe for a progressive, global political and economic system which places humans at the centre of attention again. We need a progressive answer which gives people hope instead of fuelling fear, allows women and men to have equal opportunities and be part of society instead of excluding them, and which encourages cooperation instead of confrontation.

As progressive parties, we want to make the 21st century a century of democratic, social and ecological progress. In order to achieve this goal, we have to understand the needs of our fellow human beings and work out modern political approaches to satisfy these needs. For that to happen, we need to strengthen our parties, our organisations and our campaigns.

And for this very reason, we, the progressive parties, wish to improve our cooperation and establish a progressive alliance of political parties, welcoming cooperation with other progressive social forces, trade unions, foundations, think tanks and NGOs.

The Progressive Alliance is a network which is open to progressive, democratic, social-democratic, socialist and labour parties and party networks. The Progressive Alliance is funded by voluntary contributions. The values of democracy, gender equality, justice and solidarity we advocate are the basic operational principles inside of the Progressive Alliance.

Parallel and complementary to other associations operating at an inter national level, the Progressive Alliance builds on existing and evolving networks and forums.

For global political challenges like strengthening the social dimension of globalisation and sustainable progress, combating climate change, strengthening human rights, including women’s rights, and democracy, as well as peace and security, the Progressive Alliance is the platform for formulating common, progressive answers.

What we do

As progressive parties, we want to make the 21st century a century of democratic, social and ecological progress. In order to achieve this goal, we have to understand the needs of our fellow human beings and work out modern political approaches to satisfy these needs. For that to happen, we need to fortify our parties, our organisations and our campaigns. Specifically through the Progressive Alliance we need to:

• Ensure sharing of best practice with regards to party development, organization, campaigning, running elections, engagement and policy development;

• Build the campaign capacity of progressive parties. So that right around the world progressives and our agenda win electorally;

• Strengthen our networks of young leaders and parliamentarians: So that succeeding generations of progressives contribute to the on-going work of the network;

• Ensure greater cooperation between the leaders of the world’s progressive political parties: So that significant decisions can be informed by a common approach and common thinking from the political leadership of our network;

• Build a truly global network of progressive parties: Including political parties in North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the Pacific so that our network is truly global and reflects the needs of developing and developed countries, and also working with the think-tanks and institutions that already provide a degree of global coordination.

Progressive Alliance: Activities

Conference of the Progressive Alliance: The Progressive Alliance stages an annual international conference . The conferences focus on progressive forces finding common answers to prevailing global political problems.

Cooperation on Campaigning: The Progressive Alliance focus on building-up the capacity for campaigns and the organisational integrity of political parties. This needs to happen in the developed and the developing world. The International Progressive Campaign Forum gives progressive political parties opportunities to discuss shared electoral challenges and successful campaigns. The International Progressive Campaign Forum will be continued in cooperation with the Progressive Alliance.

Cooperation of Progressive Parliamentarians: The Conference of Progressive Parliamentary Leaders brings together progressive politicians from across the world to start discussing shared policy challenges and to foster international cooperation. The Conference of Progressive Parliamentary Leaders will be continued in cooperation with the Progressive Alliance.

Cooperation on Key Topical Issues: Key topical issues are the questions of a new global deal between capital and labour and the implementation of frameworks which ensure equal opportunities for all members of society, especially with regards to gender equality. This important discussion centres on the concept of shared prosperity, how we can make the relationship between capital and labour, but also between the oftentimes female unpaid and male paid forms of employment more balanced, and how to secure basic workers’ rights and decent work for all. The work on A New Global Deal between Capital and Labour will be continued in cooperation with the Progressive Alliance.

Cooperation with Regional Networks: The Progressive Alliance aims to cooperate with existing regional networks in Asia, Africa, the Middle-East, Europe, Latin America and North-America.

International Campaigns: For interested parties a joint international campaign can be agreed upon for the coming year. The campaigns can be staged in conjunction with other progressive social forces, trade unions, foundations and NGOs.

Further activities: Activities of the Progressive Alliance concerning youth’s and women’s issues are also planned.

You can download the full programme including translations of the mission statement here and below are some photos from the launch event. Even though more details have yet to emerge this was a good start for the new organisation.

If you are interested in videos of the speeches you can find them on the Progressive Alliance website.

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  1. Unknown? Yes, indeed. says

    The SPD and their likeminded cronies are certainly rushing headlong towards throwing away the last vestiges of their social-democratic identity – what does “progressive” even mean? It doesn’t even mean centre-left as such, it’s a hollow marketing term, perfectly applicable actually when they’ve chosen a logo from a washing powder.

    Also, this organisation has dodgy members just as Socialist International continues to do so, and even seems to leave out some of the perfectly reputable members of the SI, e.g. the Canadian NDP.