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A High Seas Disgrace That Should Shake Us Into Action

Javier Lopez

Europe cannot afford the shame of doing nothing while thousands of migrants die in the Mediterranean simply seeking a better life. There have been more than 1000 deaths in the past few days alone. What northern Africa is currently going through is the biggest refugee crisis since World War II. If the European institutions do […]

From Val Duchesse To Riga: How To Relaunch Social Dialogue?

Christian Welz

The new European Commission (EC) under President Jean-Claude Juncker is committed to re-launching social dialogue and a first step was taken with the organisation of a high-level conference in Brussels on 5 March. The aim of the conference was to discuss concrete ways to strengthen social dialogue with EU cross-industry social partners and their national […]

The Rule Of Robots In Stiglitz And Marx

Branko Milanovic

It is always instructive to speak to Joe Stiglitz. In a conversation in Paris which we had after his talk at the INET conference, he pointed out that the elasticity of substitution between capital and labor greater than 1 (which is often assumed by Piketty in his “Capital in the 21st century”), combined with technological progress […]

Labour Market Deregulation and Productivity: IMF Finds No Link

Ronald Janssen

New research by IMF staff has found there is no evidence that reforms that deregulate labour markets have any positive impact on increasing the economy’s growth potential. As labour market deregulation has been a key ingredient in the IMF and troika’s financial bail-out programmes in several European member states, this raises serious questions about the […]

Greece And Other Benefit Scroungers

Simon Wren-Lewis

Whenever I write a post critical of German views on Eurozone policy, I get comments which can be paraphrased in the following way. Greece (and maybe other Eurozone countries) are incapable of governing themselves properly, and when they get into difficulties Germany has to bail them out, so it is only reasonable that as a […]

New Forms Of Employment Offer Both Benefits And Risks

Irene Mandl

Social and economic changes in Europe have given rise to new forms of employment, many very different from traditional ‘work’. What are these new trends, and how do they affect working conditions and the labour market? Irene Mandl of Eurofound examines the findings of a special report. The huge increase in the use of zero-hours […]

On Spendthrift Governments And The European Central Bank

Ronald Janssen

The other culprit for the crisis: Spendthrift governments In an earlier post, I analysed the new offensive launched by the four presidents of European institutions on the next step in economic governance and saw it as a flawed attempt to rewrite the fundamental narrative of the crisis. By making wages to blame for the crisis, the […]

Employment And Inclusive Development: Contesting Conventional Wisdom

Yanatul Islam

In a recently published book, my co-author Rizwanul Islam and I suggest that the notion of inclusive development should have the following attributes: (1) rapid, stable and sustainable per capita GDP growth; (2) sustained decline in income poverty; (3) sustained improvement in human development indicators, such as health, nutrition and education; (4) growth of productive […]

Where Now For The Europe 2020 Strategy?

Wolfgang Kowalsky

Does the Commission take unemployment as a serious challenge? What future for the Europe 2020 strategy? A few comments on European Commission: “Results of the public consultation on the Europe 2020 strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth” This new note from the European Commission is clearly a step further down the road towards marginalising […]

European Economic Governance And Flawed Analysis

Ronald Janssen

Getting Stupid Capital Flows Off The Hook The analytical note on the next steps for better economic governance that was published mid- February during the informal European Council reopens the discussion on how to obtain a strict coordination of national economic policy making in the Euro Area. Or, to put it more bluntly, how to […]