Basic Values Debate

The Renewal of Social Democracy and Basic Values

Henning Meyer

In the wake of the pan-European search for a new social democratic vision, the discussion about social democratic basic values and their meaning for today’s politics has taken centre stage again. What are social democratic basic values and have social democratic parties betrayed them in government? Or, even worse, have they been lost altogether? If […]

Beyond the Sunday Rhetoric of Social Democratic Basic Values

Rene Cuperus

We have entered an age of fear. Insecurity is once again an active ingredient of political life in Western democracies. Insecurity born of terrorism, but also, and more insidiously, fear of  the uncontrollable speed of change, fear of the loss of employment, fear of losing ground to others in an increasingly unequal distribution of resources, […]

Why Immigration is troubling Greece more than the Economy

Nick Malkoutzis

Immigration more important than the Economy? Judging by the content of the debate in Greece over the past few days, one might think that the most pressing issue facing the country ahead of the upcoming general elections is illegal immigration rather than the economy. The two coalition partners, New Democracy and PASOK, have attempted to […]

The Future of the (Welfare) State

bo rothstein

One way to think about the future of the state is to analyze the situation for some of the largest states that exist, namely the state in the Nordic countries.[1] In the discussion about the future of the state, there are many misunderstandings of these states, even by sympathetic commentators. The most common one is […]

Social Democracy and the State

Michal Syska

Who needs the state? Interventions in the financial sector by governments during the crisis show that it is capitalism that needs the state in order to survive yet again. But the ones the state should serve first and foremost are the people: it should protect them from the excesses of the ‘invisible hand of the market’ and ensure […]

The Role of the State in Social Democratic Thinking Today

christine faerber

Social democracy in Europe today is split regarding the role the state should play. Actually social democratic thinking has never been uniform about this question, and our positions have changed over time (including etatist, technological approaches as well as emancipative ideas of civil self-organisation). Concerning Europe we have participated in building our supranational structure with […]

Redefining Progress to meet Human Needs

daniela Kolbe

Progress and Economic growth, argues Daniela Kolbe, are never ends in themselves. Under what conditions is growth good for society? And what kind of growth? A well-designed, intelligent indicator won’t resolve any political conflicts, but it will make for a more objective debate. My home town of Leipzig is the most beautiful city in the […]

Social Democracy and the State


The state occupies a central place in social democratic thinking. It is the vehicle through which policies are delivered. Indeed, it is no coincidence that the growth of the modern state was a forerunner of the social democratic movement. Today, it is impossible to think about social democracy without considering the role of the state. But the relationship is not without […]

Social Democracy and Integration

Robin Wilson

The Mission of Social-Democratic Politics Liberal socialism or social democracy emerged in mass form in the late 19th century, with the launch of the Second International on Bastille Day in Paris in 1889—100 years before the fall of the Berlin Wall placed its deformed successor in history’s dustbin. While its participants were often enthused by […]

The Swedish Social Democrats: Preach to Convert


With a new party leader in place, the Swedish social democratic party (SAP) is once again trying to find its role in the Swedish political landscape – a landscape that has been transformed greatly over the past six years of conservative government, and arguably even more over the past three decades, of which a majority […]

The Parti Socialiste 2012 Primary – A Beauty Contest?

philippe marliere

Professor Philippe Marliere of University College London (UCL) gives his inaugural lecture and analyses the Parti Socialiste Primary for the 2012 Presidential Election in France. This post is part of the ‘Basic Values Debate’ jointly organised by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung and Social Europe Journal. Read more on social democratic parties: ‘The Future of the SPD as a Catch-All Party’. The […]