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Britain’s, Not France’s, Middle Class Is Being ‘Run Into The Dust’

George Tyler

While France and Britain cooperate on multiple fronts, the Cameron government is not above using its neighbor as a political foil. Grant Shapps, conservative party chairman opined in January 2014 that French President Hollande had “led his countrymen back into the dust” which is “exactly what [Labour leader] Miliband wants to do with the British […]

How Thailand’s Middle Class Rage Threatens Democracy

Marc Saxer

No matter how the elite power struggle ends, the future of Thai democracy will depend on the political orientation of the middle classes. Will political entrepreneurs continue to mobilize mass protests for elite interests, or will the middle classes settle for a social compromise to safeguard their own interests? In order to bring the Bangkok […]

How Europe’s Polity Is Becoming Democracy ‘Lite’

Wolfgang Kowalsky

A new round of political, economic and social deconstruction and reconstruction has started. A new relationship between finance and the state is about to be established, closer than before, maybe even curtailing democratic procedures which obstruct the building of this new narrower relationship. Let’s imagine for a moment that the new Egyptian government informs the […]

Why This Is The Worst US Recovery On Record


The biggest economic debate is between Keynesians (who want more government spending and lower interest rates in order to fuel demand) and supply-side “austerics” (who want lower taxes on the wealthy and on corporations to boost incentives to hire and invest, and who see government deficits crowding out private investment). But both approaches have problems. […]

Avoiding a Class Based Analysis of Greece is Pure Naïveté

darian meacham

One of the major intellectual stumbling blocks in having a clear and honest debate about the Greek situation and by extension the situation throughout the entire European Union is an unrelenting and pure naïveté, if not stupidity, in the way that the situation is discussed: wide swathes of the European media talk about Greeks and […]

Class in Europe: Staying Together and Coming Apart

Paul Collier

During my lifetime two class wars have been fought to resolution across Europe: one economic the other cultural. The outcomes of the economic class wars are uncontroversial. In Britain the middle class won the economic war: social protection is relatively poor (most notably for pre-school and the elderly), labour markets are only lightly regulated, and […]

US 2012 – Why Promising to Save the Middle Class might just not be Enough!

David Coates

This is the lull before the storm, the final moments within which to settle the character of the presidential campaign of 2012. Even in the lull, however, the likely lines-of-march are already clear – lines that, if unaltered, should give far more comfort to conservatives than they do right now to progressives. The Romney camp […]

Class Differences in Swedish Cancer Treatment


A Swedish medical study presented in the European Journal of Cancer (abstract), shows that working class men that suffered from prostate cancer get significantly worse treatment than men in the upper middle class. The researchers have followed up 17,522 cases of prostate cancer in Sweden between 1997-2006 that had particularly aggressive or rapidly growing tumours. […]

The Danish middle class is shrinking


The Danish middle class is shrinking. That can be read in a new report from The Economic Council of the Labour Movement (Arbejderbevægelsens Erhvervsråd), the Danish labour movement think-tank. The report shows that 31.5 percent of the Danish population belonged to the middle class in 2002. Seven years later that share had drop to 28.6 […]

Why the Republican War on Workers’ Rights Undermines the American Economy


The battle has resumed in Wisconsin. The state supreme court has allowed Governor Scott Walker to strip bargaining rights from state workers. Meanwhile, governors and legislators in New Hampshire and Missouri are attacking private unions, seeking to make the states so-called “open shop” where workers can get all the benefits of being union members without […]