Pierre Moscovici

Stockholm Syndrome Social Democracy

David Lizoain

The recent social democratic playbook is depressingly familiar: first, campaign on a demand stimulus and/or an end to austerity. Second, upon winning (usually by the narrowest of margins), suddenly discover the existence of a series of constraints that make it difficult, if not impossible, to carry out the original programme. Third, muddle through for a […]

Keynes, Brüning And Pierre Moscovici’s Hearing With Econ

Ronald Janssen

It is said that, in the midst of the Great Depression, German finance minister Brüning made John Maynard Keynes leave a meeting in tears. Listening to last week’s hearing of the European Parliament’s Economics Committee with designate commissioner Pierre Moscovici, one can fully understand this feeling. Indeed, in a debate that kept raging during a session lasting […]

Now the Left must put Europe at the Heart of its Recovery Strategy


The defeat of the Swedish Social Democrats in the general election provides further grim evidence that the European democratic left is facing its greatest political challenge since the 1930s. The poor results for the Swedish Social Democrats are all the more sobering because it is the first time for many generations that the party has […]